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Do Over

Are there things in our lives we wish we could do over?  I am sure all of us have things we wish we could “do over”.

  • Tell someone we hurt “sorry”.
  • Wish we didn’t say something and could take back those awful words.
  • Walking away from a bad situation instead of staying.
  • Running away from temptation instead of acting on it.
  • Listening to gossip and being part of the conversation.

How do we let go and move on?  We can’t continue to live in the past.  The past is gone, however we can change the things which are really bothering us by taking action, reaching out and fixing it.  Telling the person we hurt “sorry”.  If no longer in contact write a letter and don’t send it or say the words to ourselves to let it go.  Forgive and release it.  Using these techniques as the “do over” will provide peaceful thoughts and a happier life.

Question:  What is your “do over” and how are you going to let it go?

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