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Let’s make life an ADVENTURE!

If you don’t take a few chances you may not ever know what could happen. Stop what ifs and just do the things you always wanted to experience. Take each moment as a precious gift. If you want to learn something new save up for it. If it is truly important make the time for it. It will become a priority to you. Life is to be enjoyed not to be miserable. Smile and you will see others smile back. Laugh and others will join in. Cry and others will comfort you. Love and others will love you back.

Some of my good friends tease me because anytime I am with them it is an adventure. Never a dull moment and it gives them something to talk about. At least it makes them smile, laugh, love, and cry happy tears. Love life to the fullest and explore your adventure. Take the life less traveled. Be happy! ~ Patti

Question: What are you going to do to make life an adventure?

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