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Exploring The Power of Pausing, Reflecting Before Responding from Chaos to Calm

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Hi, Managers and Supervisors. How’s it going?

In this podcast episode, I will be discussing the technique of pausing before reacting or responding as a Manager or Supervisor.

Have you ever responded from a knee-jerk reaction and wished you hadn’t?

Have you considered stopping, pausing, and reflecting before reacting as a manager and supervisor when in the middle of chaos?

I know this can be difficult at times, especially when in the middle of a crisis. However, in leadership, we’re geared to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

When taking a pause and time to reflect, we won’t jump immediately to the wrong conclusion or react unfavorably or lash out.

Many times in my career, I didn’t pause and reflect before responding, and I regretted it because it went from calm to chaos by my knee-jerk reaction.

Have you done that as well?

Think about all the times you reacted harshly or over the top.

How did that work for you?

Probably not good for you looking like an ass or for the person or people around you.

Do you wish you could go back in time and change your response?

Using the pause, reflecting before responding can help you not regret your reaction if used at that moment.

When at work and someone is rude to you and disagrees. Pause for three to five seconds before responding. Pausing will allow you time to reframe your response or decide not to react and change the situation from the emotions of chaos to calm.

Have you ever received an email at work that put you into a rage?

Pause, Reflect and Don’t send the email response right away. You may regret it and could damage your career or reputation!

I think everyone has sent an email they regretted sending or replying some time or another.

What if you do receive a nasty passive/aggressive email?

Before responding to the email:

  • Write out your reply.
  • Please don’t send it and walk away. If possible, sleep on it.
  • Rewrite the email response when you have calmed down.
  • Have someone else read it to help tone down the language before hitting the send button.

Here’s A Quote To Remember: “Anger doesn’t solve anything. It builds nothing, but it can destroy everything”. – author unknown

Don’t get me wrong, as a manager or supervisor. You have to be direct with employees to inspire them to improve their work performance. We can’t ignore the situation and let it continue.

  • Have a plan on how to address it.
  • Write it out and practice what and how to say it.

There are also times when you need to respond immediately and make a quick decision. When possible, take the opportunity to pause and reflect.

What is happening around you?

It may change your approach and captivate a great solution.

How can you practice pausing and reflecting into your leadership routine and have it become a habit?

Here are some Self Reflection Questions to Ponder or Journal about:

What are your thoughts about pausing and reflecting?

How will you incorporate it into your leadership style?

Today’s podcast Affirmation ~ I pause and reflect before responding!

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Until next we meet again! ~ Patti

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