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Podcast Episode 17 – Is A Family Member Putting A Guilt Trip on You? How to Deal?

In this episode, Angela and Patti discuss a topic request from a listener; Is A Family Member Putting A Guilt Trip on You? How to Deal?  Angela is the expert on this topic being a Love and Relationship Coach and she coaches on family dynamics.   

Click the link to listen to the podcast – Is A Family Member Putting A Guilt Trip on You? How to Deal?

Let’s look at guilt. It is the inner ward process of beating yourself up through harsh thoughts. Nobody can put a guilt trip on you, but you, because these are your thoughts. Some of the thoughts could be – I’m not going to make them happy or do what they want. They are going to dislike me or leave me. They are going to think I’m not a good person.

How do you go your own way without the guilt? 

Many people live with regret because they did what their parents wanted instead of what they want to do.

1.  Why do you feel guilty?

2. How has this guilt shown up in my family before? When do you first remember this guilt?

3. What would be the one thing that inner child would love to do or love to hear and love to express?

4. What could you say to the family member to tell them about what you really want to do instead of the ‘trip’ they think you should do?

5. Do you value yourself?

Angela references Patrick Wains here is his website link

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Angela and I would like to thank you for listening and supporting this podcast.

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