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Prepping for a Busy Work Week (home/work life balance)

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Here are some tips for prepping with a busy work week:

  • Pick out your clothes and children clothes with shoes and socks the night before.  Have them sitting out and ready to put on in the morning.
  • Set up cereal bowls at the kitchen table pour cereal inside with a spoon and cover with clear plastic wrap.  Just add milk in the morning for the children or if the kids are old enough they can pour their own milk.
  • Make lunches the night before put in refrigerator.  You and your children will take them out before you leave in the morning.
  • Have all school supplies, homework checked etc. in back packs before bed time, ready and by the front door or in the car.
  • Have all food items in crockpot, put in refrigerator, in the morning take out of refrigerator and plug in to cook.  Look up crock pot recipes for the week and shop for those items ahead of time.
  • The night before look at calendar to see what after school activities are happening and plan for it.  Do you or your children need to bring anything for these activities?  Have them out by the front door or put them in the car so you don’t forget them.
  • The night before check your work calendar to review if you need to have anything prepared or take into work that day.  If so, have it prepared and ready to take with you.

Having everything prepped the night before saves you rushing around in the morning and being late or forgetting something important.  No family drama with getting the children dressed.  Older children can pick out their own clothes the night before and have them out and ready.  Make sure they do it and it becomes routine this will reduce yelling and frustration in the morning.  Everyone knows the routine and things go smoothly and less stress for all.

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