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Work like a Dog Day!

Work Like a Dog Day

August 5th is National “Work Like a Dog Day”!

What does “Work Like a Dog” mean?  It means working extremely hard and for an extended length of time.  The origins of “Work Like a Dog” are unknown, however the term may have referred to working dogs such as sheep dogs, sled dogs and hunting dogs, these dogs are bred to work long, hard and be very persistent.

“Work Like a Dog Day” is to honor, recognize and to celebrate your hardest working, most dedicated productive staff members.  As supervisors we all know who those employees and co-workers are that give their all everyday to the job.  Take on different tasks and challenges without a negative thought or reaction.  Who love the challenge of something new and want to make a difference.  Go over and beyond their co-workers to get the job done.

August 5th is the time to show your appreciation to those who carry more than their own work load and “Work Like a Dog” with determination, persistence, reliability and the most productive.  The ones you can count on as a supervisor with an important task or assignment and know it will be completed and done correctly.

How will you acknowledge and praise your highest producing employees on August 5th?

I would love to hear how you celebrated with your staff members share below. 🙂

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