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Staying calm and patient when stuck in the mud!

Stuck in the mud

Life is full of challenges and mishaps. I was recently on a camping trip with friends. My friend’s camper got stuck in the mud. It had been raining, and the ground was soft, slippery, and muddy. My friend was so patient and calm; it was amazing. His attitude is hard to come by for many.

He didn’t scream or cuss. He remained optimistic he was going to get the camper out of the mud. The harder he tried to move the camper trailer, the farther it would slide and sink into the earth. He worked for hours non-stop with the camper, and it didn’t come out.

The next day we drove into town and bought some straps to pull the camper out of the mud. Some bad things happened to his camper trailer because it got stuck in the ground. A broken tail light, jack, shovel but in the end, everything worked out, and his calm demeanor was still intact.

I wish I could be more like him in times of distress and turmoil; I lose my temper instead of staying calm and positive. He is an excellent example of what I’m continually working towards. Life is an adventure; where are you taking yours? ~ Patti 🙂

Questions to ponder for self-reflection:

Was there a time in your life that you wished you had stayed calm and positive?

What was the outcome?

What was the lesson you learned?

How would you handle the situation now?

Please feel free to share your thoughts and answers to the questions in leave a reply below.

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3 thoughts on “Staying calm and patient when stuck in the mud!

  1. Yes. Being calm and positive helps..
    When I am too much stressed, I stop thinking about and I feel calm. I go out for a walk. And come back with a different approach to face that situation.. 🙂

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