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Staying in a Safe Place

Fear leads you to believe that where you are right now is a safe place and going forward is a risk.  The truth is standing still is the risk. – Susie Carder

I saw this quote recently and it made me think of how many people have so much potential they just don’t see it in themselves.  If they would just step out and be open to new ways of doing things or trying something new.  I remember my daughter said to me once “I think you should try hummus, I know you will like it”.  I didn’t try it until recently and now I buy it all the time.  If I would have been open to trying new things I would have been enjoying the taste of hummus a long time ago.  Throughout my life there were so many things I hadn’t tried or done because of fear in some form or another.  Fear of rejection, fear of someone getting mad, fear of disappointing someone and fear of being hurt.   I have learned through the years stepping out is better than living in fear.  My hope and wish for you is to step out and live to your full potential. ~ Patti

Question:  Why do you think people are not willing to step out and show their true potential?

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