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Responding to Others

What is the importance of responding to others?

If someone takes the time to send an email, instant message or text you, have some manners and respond back.  People who do not respond back appear to be rude, self absorbed or a just don’t care attitude.  This may not be the case at all but that is how it is taken.  Respond back even if it is “I got your message.  Thank you!”  To keep good relationships with friends, associates, clients, family and others in your life make some sort of effort or people will give up on you.  It is just common courtesy.

We all get busy with work and personal lives and yes we are getting pulled in many directions.  Sometimes we feel overwhelmed but we can take a few minutes every day to reply back to others.  Show some respect towards that person who took the time out of their busy schedule to connect with you. ~ Patti

Questions:  Is this a subject we all may want to improve upon?  How does it make you feel when others don’t respond back to you?

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