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The Floating Experience for Work/Life Balance

The Floating Experience for Work/Life Balance

One of my friends told me about floating a couple of years ago and how it can help relieve stress.  I tried it out and really saw the change in my body after the float.  I wish I did it more often and I am guilty of not making it a priority when I really should.  I usually wait until my body is in knots instead of a monthly or every other week schedule.  I went a few days ago and after the float, I was sitting in the relaxing area talking to one of the employees and said to her I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner, it sure does make a difference.  She laughed and said she automatically schedules her times because if she doesn’t it won’t happen.  I said, the world would be a happier place if everyone would float more and relax.  She smiled.  I commented back, I probably should do automatic scheduling too and make it more of a priority in my life.  After the float, I felt so refreshed, renewed and at peace.  My skin felt soft and my muscles much more relaxed.

What is floating?

It is laying down (floating) in a tub or pod of epsom salt water with ear plugs in your ears.  

Why float?

One hour of resting the mind in the salt has all kinds of physical benefits:

*Increases Blood Circulation

*Pain Management

*Increased Immune System Functioning

*Diminishes the Effect of Jet Lag

*Reduce Lactic Acid Build-Up

What to do while floating?


*Breathing Techniques to Relax


*Spend Time in Prayer

*Listen to the Calming Music

*Do Nothing, just Enjoy the Peace, Quiet and Alone Time

Different ways to enjoy the experience: 

*Lights on

*Lights off

*Relaxing music on

*Relaxing music off

*Lid closed

*Lid open

I personally like the music on with the lid closed and the blue lights on, however sometimes I turn the lights off.  

My Takeaway:

For me the experience is relaxing and helps me get balanced.  It calms my spirit and releases the build-up of stress in my body by spending time alone through meditation, silence and prayer.  I know I should do it more often before my body turns into knots.  My personal goal is to start floating at least once a month.  How about you?  Is this something you would be willing to try?

Reflection Questions:

Do you like spending time alone?

Have you ever tried floating? Yes or No

If you have, what was your experience? Did you Like it or Not Liked it and why?


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