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How Do You Know You Are Unbalanced? [Video]

Is This Your Life?
Your pet doesn’t recognize you!
Work Like a Dog Day
Your spouse has your bags pack next to the door!
You open up the refrigerator and pantry and it is empty!
Your laundry is piling up and you have no clean clothes! 
Your house plants are dead even your cacti! 
You worked so late that the late show is not even on!
 Do you want more in your life than just your career?

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The 21 Days to Optimal Work/Life Balance is a self-paced workshop created by Coaching for Inspiration with Patti designed to help you  focus, de-stress and gain perspective on what really matters to you.

During the 21 days experience, you will receive instructive emails with tips, affirmations, inspirational quotes and information daily, which will set you on the path to create your optimal work/life balance.

The course comes with a downloadable workbook with further advice and tips on improving your life, while working this program at your own pace.

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