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How to Have a Work Free Vacation

A Work Free Vacation is Good for the Soul!

Spring is here!  It is time to start planning a vacation.  What is running through your mind when you hear this statement?  I don’t have time to take a vacation.  I have too much work to do.  Or if I take a vacation I will be buried for days or maybe weeks trying to catch up.  There is NO time for vacations.  Yes, you can take a vacation if you plan and set boundaries. Everyone needs a vacation for their mental and physical well-being.  It’s time to come up with an action plan and have a work free vacation.

Here are some tips to help you start planning and putting it into action:

  • Set your vacation dates on the calendar and block out those dates.
  • Make your reservations for your vacation travels.  Hotel, Airfare, Car rental etc.
  • What job functions can you delegate while you are gone?
  • Start training others those tasks, so when you are on vacation these things get completed and are done correctly.  Share your duties with the whole team.  Giving different tasks to several people will ensure they can still perform their job assignments and won’t be overwhelmed.  They will appreciate you when you get back and it will allow them to learn new skills and grow.
  • Communicate to everyone you will be on vacation from this date to this date and will not be available.  You will be back at this date at this time.  Make sure you start telling everyone at least a month in advance so they will be prepared and if they really need something from you, they don’t drop it on you at the last minute.  Insert the dates on your email notification when you start your vacation and who they can contact if they need assistance while you are out.
  • Unplug:  Do not check your work emails until you get back.  Communicate to everyone that you will not be checking your emails and you will be unavailable during these dates.

By enjoying your time off you will come back rested, motivated, inspired and less stressed out because you know most of your tasks were handled while you were gone.  It is wonderful to be passionate about your career, however taking a vacation is good for your soul and the others around you!


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  1. excellent advise thanks!!!! I read somewhere Recreation is just that, RE- Create ing. you get a chance to re -create back to who you are, or back to What is important! thanks for the good hints… hope you have a vacation coming up soon!! 🙂 🙂 momentummikey

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