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Leaders taking time away from work

As Leaders each day we push ourselves to get more completed and do more.  We continually are working on the big picture or the next great thing.  We over work and are constantly thinking about work however there comes a time to stop and live in the moment.  To spend time with family, friends, spouse/partner and really give them our full attention without focusing and thinking of work.

How do we do this?

When should we do this?

How often should we do this?

The answer:  What is really important to you?  Reflect on these questions and is it time to realize we need our family, friends, our spouse/partner in our lives.  They keep us balanced, grateful and loved.

Usually it is for them that we work so hard but they also require our loving attention as well.  It could be showing up to a ball game for our kids.  A date night with our spouse.  Taking our parents out to lunch or shopping.  Sending a text to a friend thinking of you.  Or just listening and talking about the little things. This is what matters.  Make it a point to do the little things to keep relationships alive.

Life is more than work, it is about living a good meaningful life.  Take an adventure.  Put time and effort into relationships like you do with work.  You will probably be happier and so will your friendships, family, work life and YOU!


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