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Day 23 of 30 day blogging challenge ~ Motivation comes from WITHIN!

Day 23

Motivation comes from WITHIN!

What is motivation?

According to the dictionary MOTIVATION means the following:

1. the act or an instance of motivating
2. desire to do; interest or drive
3. incentive or inducement

About this quote “motivation comes from within” this is really true.  If you do not commit to doing something you won’t do it.  Why is commitment so important?  When you have commitment to doing something you are driven to accomplish it.  People can be lead towards something however that doesn’t mean they will act on it.  It could be the best thing for them however if they don’t see it or want it they won’t act on it.  Wanting it gives motivation to go after it.  How badly do you want to change your circumstances?  Do you have the drive and purpose to change so you can have it?  What is holding you back?  Are you fearful of failure?  The biggest regret we can have is not trying.  Take a risk and be motivated to reach for what you want in life. ~ Patti

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