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The Quiet Struggles of the People Pleaser with Lynn and Patti [Podcast]

Lynn Myers and Patti Oskvarek discuss everything and anything regarding being a People Pleaser.  People Pleasers are the most helpful people you know. They usually don’t say no. They spend a great deal of time doing things for others and disregard their own needs. Being a People Pleaser could cause you to be disappointed because not everyone has the same heart as you do.

What are some of the traits of being a People Person?
* Seeks approval and words of affirmation
* Fears being alone
* Feelings of being selfish or guilty for not meeting the needs of others
* Irritable when others don’t take your advice
* Being the “go to person”, when someone is in need
* Covering for or taking the blame for others
* Giving money away which can lead towards depletion


To Listen to The Quiet Struggles of People Pleasers Podcasts

Episode 1 – What is a People Pleaser?

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