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The Quiet Struggles of the People Pleaser with Lynn and Patti [Podcast]

Lynn Myers and Patti Oskvarek discuss everything and anything regarding being a People Pleaser.  People Pleasers are the most helpful people you know. They usually don’t say no. They spend a great deal of time doing things for others and disregard their own needs. Being a People Pleaser could cause you to be disappointed because not everyone has the same heart as you do.

What are some of the traits of being a People Person?
* Seeks approval and words of affirmation
* Fears being alone
* Feelings of being selfish or guilty for not meeting the needs of others
* Irritable when others don’t take your advice
* Being the “go to person”, when someone is in need
* Covering for or taking the blame for others
* Giving money away which can lead towards depletion


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Episode 1 – What is a People Pleaser?

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“What are the best times, days and topics for Coffee, Coaching and More Workshops?”

Coaching for Inspiration with Patti Coffee Cups

What is Coffee, Coaching & More with Patti?

These workshops are for the busy person who knows their dreams really matter.  Coffee, Coaching and More Sessions bring you together with others in a fun, friendly and supportive environment with a different confidence-boosting topic each month.

Spend two hours focusing on you with no distractions, no pressure, and no judgement on different life topics.

Together we will look at situations which may be holding you back, limiting beliefs, procrastination, lack of time, low self-confidence, feeling overwhelmed and how to overcome these and live the life you really want.

The polls below are to inspire the perfect days, times and topics for great participation in future workshops.

What days and times would work best for you?

Which topics would you be interested in attending?