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Using Daily Affirmations


Four weeks ago I wrote about life changing subjects to consider incorporating into ourselves this year in the blog post It is a New Year.  The third key action step is using affirmations in our daily life.

Affirmations are positive words or sentences that may assist you to stay focused in an encouraging manner.  If you repeat an affirmation every day, throughout the day you may notice an optimistic transformation in your attitude towards yourself and others.  This may help improve your relationships at home, in the workplace and may even increase career opportunities.

Examples of Daily Affirmations for home and work.

Daily Personal Affirmation:   I reflect love and happiness!

Exercise:  Practice this affirmation daily and reflect on how it made you feel through out the day.

Daily Workplace Affirmation:   I achieve my goals!

Exercise:  Practice this affirmation daily at work and reflect on how it made you feel.

Some people either like to use affirmations and some don’t believe in them.   I personally use affirmations myself.  Here is a good blog post article by Ruby McGuire at about Affirmations – Love or Hate them? .

Do you use affirmations or not?  If yes, have you noticed a positive change in your attitude? If no, have you ever tried them?

Feel free to share your thoughts on using affirmations in the ” leave a reply” box below.

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