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Day 6 of 30 day blogging challenge ~ Peace, Joy, Love and Happiness in life

Day 6

I hear people say all they want is peace, joy, love and happiness in their life.  The big question is “What is in your life that is not creating peace, joy, love and happiness”?  Is it your job, a relationship, a friendship or you?

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Questions to ask yourself:

What is causing unhappiness in your life?

Is your job satisfying?  Yes or No and Why?  If no, What steps will you take to change it?

Is there a relationship or friendship that has a negative impact in life?  If, yes  How?

Are you happy around this person? Yes or No and Why?

Is there always drama when you are with this person?    Yes or No?  If yes, How does it make you feel?

Do others (friends and family) want to be around this person or you?  Yes or No and Why?  Are you losing relationships because you are hanging out with this person?

Would life be more enjoyable and calm by removing this person from your life?  Yes or No and Why?

What steps will you take to have peace, joy, love and happiness?

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