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Not letting anger control your outcome

A friend was telling me recently of a situation which happened at his work. A co-worker of his was pushed to the breaking point by one of his peers and exploded with anger.  The person who lashed out had been holding in his frustration and finally blew.  The results of this uncontrollable anger cost him his job.

What steps may have prevented this from happening?

Here are a few tips when you find yourself at the boiling point:

  • Walk away immediately when you feel the anger boiling up inside.
  • Step outside for some fresh air to clear your mind.
  • Go back to your work space, grab a piece of paper and write down all your ugly feelings. Get out all those emotions, reflect on it and destroy it.

Controlling your anger and temper will help you as well as those around you. After you have calmed down and self reflected about the situation.  Think about how you will approach the person to calmly discuss the matter.  Does it need to be address quickly? Or does it really need to be discussed at all?  By practicing these tips on how to handle anger it may help you gain respect from others instead of destroying it. ~ Patti

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2 thoughts on “Not letting anger control your outcome

  1. Patti – some very good recommendations here. I’m sure we all, at least once during our careers, experience a “hijack” moment, when our emotions hijack us and we operate on raw emotion. The problem is, this is rarely acceptable at work! Unfortunately, as you know, the brain is wired to first experience emotion, and reason, secondly. Your techniques are practical ways to overcome our natural tendencies to calm down and think the situation out rationally when in the heat of an emotionally-charged situation. Of course, it helps also to discuss these matters before they escalate! Good article!

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