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My Facebook Live Interview with Noleen Sliney, Video Confidence Mentor

In case you didn’t get a chance to watch my exciting interview with Noleen Sliney, a Video Confidence Mentor. Noleen inspires and encourages her clients and pushes them out of their comfort zone to try new things within their business. She interviewed me on August 13, 2022.

Click here to watch the video Facebook live.

Here’s what Noleen Sliney wrote about the interview. I had the absolute privilege of interviewing our view own changemaker Patti Oskvarek today over on my Facebook page. This was such an interesting, inspirational and fun conversation. Patti was incredible and was very generous in sharing many of her tips and words of wisdom on how to bring balance into your life and work. She also shared some very interesting things about herself. šŸ˜ Be sure to go and watch the interview to find out what it is as well as be inspired by Patti. We would also very much appreciate your support to boost engagement and get this seen by more people by leaving a comment under the video. Thanks in advance. Noleen Sliney

You can watch the interview here:

Thank you so much for your support and watching. ~ Patti

2 thoughts on “My Facebook Live Interview with Noleen Sliney, Video Confidence Mentor

  1. It was an absolute pleasure to interview you and an honour to have you as a guest Patti. I throughly enjoyed our conversation and all the advice, knowledge and wisdom you so kindly shared with us. It was so interesting to hear your story and learn more about you. You are truly an inspiration to many, including myself, and a true change maker in the world that we need. Keep showing up as you’re making a big impact.

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