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What! Sensitively Training?

Recently I was searching for something to watch on Prime Video and came across the movie “Sensitively Training.” I thought it would be interesting since this is a pretty hot topic, and it is about a business/life coach and her reluctant client.

Serena (client) is a microbiologist, and she is excellent with bacteria but not so good with people. She had no filter; she said whatever she thought no holding back. After belittling a colleague in a staff meeting, and then the coworker committed suicide, Serena is mandated into sensitivity training with Caroline (coach). Caroline has a positive outlook of life, and she represents everything Serena dislikes, but Caroline is determined to help Serena. Caroline was at a crossroads in her coaching career. She wanted to coach on more than sexual harassment cases and make a difference in people’s lives. In the movie, the coaching/client relationship becomes unprofessionally blurred at times; however, Serena had positive behavioral results from the coaching process.

What is sensitively training?
It is a form of training, with the goal of making people more aware of their own goals as well as their prejudices, and more sensitive to others and to the dynamics of group interaction. 

What is workplace sensitivity training?
 It ensures that everyone in the workplace is respected and treated appropriately, regardless of who they are while learning to be respectful and consider the perspectives of others.

What is respectful workplace training?  It has a different approach, which isn’t about being broken and needing to be fixed. It allows you to be you, but with a different lens to look through.

What are some coaching and training topics for Workplace Sensitivity and Respectful Workplace?

  1. Anger Management
  2. Bullying
  3. Communication & Coaching for Leaders
  4. Managing Workplace Conflict
  5. Promoting Positive Personal Conduct
  6. Respectful Workplace and Communication
  7. Sexual Harassment

Serena had a wake-up call (Sensitivity Coaching and Training) that changed her personal and professional life forever. She was smiling, happy, and enjoying life for the first time. Serena had a friend, a pet (turtle), and a relationship with her half-brother. She was listening and engaging with her staff. As a team, they came up with a solution to a problem bacteria, for Serena sensitivity coaching and training was the best thing that had ever happened to her.

There are times throughout our careers; we may say something offensive to someone and not even realize it. It was unintentional; however, we learn from those mistakes and continue to grow as managers, supervisors, and leaders. Apologize when appropriate. Take time to listen, observe, and be open to other people’s points of view. Be coachable. Take training courses on new leadership strategies. Hire a coach to help you get through any challenges you are facing. Learn from your daily interactions and reflect on how to do better next time around. ~ Patti

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