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Know Your Value!

My Business Coach Cheryl Thacker recently posted this story; the author is unknown, and it touched me deeply, and I would like to share it with you.

Here’s the story:

Before he died, a father said to his son, “Here is a watch that your grandfather gave me. It is almost 200 years old. Before I give it to you, go to the jewelry store and tell them that I want to sell it, and see how much they offer you.” The son went to the jewelry store, came back to his father, and said, “They offered $150.00 because it’s so old.” The father said, “Go to the pawnshop.” The son went to the pawnshop, came back to his father, and said, “The pawnshop offered $10.00 because it looks so worn.” The father asked his son to go to the museum and show them the watch. He went to the museum, came back, and said to his father, “The curator offered $500,000.00 for this rare piece to include in their precious antique collections.” The father said, “I wanted to let you know that the right place values you in the right way. Don’t find yourself in the wrong place and get angry if you are not valued. Those that know your value are those who appreciate you, don’t stay in a place where nobody sees your value.”

I’m sure many of you can relate to the end of the story and felt it.

The right place values you in the right way. Don’t find yourself in the wrong place and get angry if you are not valued. Those that know your value are those who appreciate you, don’t stay in a place where nobody sees your value. ~ unknown

Many of us have worked or currently work in industries where being criticized, under-appreciated, under-minded, devalued, flaws and mistakes are pointed out and not forgiven.

The mind games can bring people to their knees, break them down and destroy good honest people.

Like the story, if a job or career is slowly killing you, it’s time to start putting together a strategy exit plan into action and go somewhere you’re valued. Be with people who light you up and appreciate your talents and contributions.

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How To Conquer The “What If’s” Syndrome Of Hiring

It is time to hire – A valuable team member who has taken another position, and it is time to start the hiring process for their job. You think you won’t be able to find someone else who could bring as much value to the workplace or be a nightmare of “The What If’s.”

As a Manager, hiring can be challenging and stressful at the same time. Thoughts run through your head of “The What if’s.”

What if’s – I choose the wrong person for the position. They have interviewed well and know what to say, but they are not coachable or have a toxic attitude towards customers, coworkers, and me when they come in.

Yes, hiring someone may be stressful for you, your team, and the interviewee. Wanting to make the right decision can at times overtake you. Relax, pause and take time to clear your mind to reason. You don’t have to make the final decision in one day. List the pros and cons of the top two candidates. What did they communicate from the interview and resume (CV), and what strengths does the team want and need from the potential candidate to make the team unit more substantial and more efficient? What expertise does this candidate bring that can help the team succeed.

Things to consider in the hiring process:

  • Have a least one team member in the first interview. 
  • How about bringing back the two top candidates for a second interview and have them interact with your team. 
  • Have team members go over the job duties and show them an average day on the job. Candidates feel at ease when with a team member and may open up more.
  • After their interaction with the candidate, have them meet with you again informally to ask questions they may have. Putting this into action will tell you a lot the more relaxed they are and get more of a feel of their personality.
  • Later after the top two candidates have come back for the second interview and met with staff, ask the staff what their thoughts are. Remember they have to work with this person. Their opinions are priceless because they could save a lot of damage to you and the team in the end, and this is where trust and honesty come into play. Do they feel comfortable telling you how they think? Do they feel safe to express their opinions? 
  • Now you have the ultimate decision and are responsible for it. If you have communicated well with your team, and understand that and respect your decision. Your employees need to know that you appreciate their feedback and respect their perspectives. 
  • Some employees may feel more comfortable giving feedback privately, and sometimes the team may want a group meeting to share their thoughts with you. That is where you know you have a team that cares about the job and the work environment and you as their leader.

If you are blessed to have this hiring practice and employees honest feedback, it is rare in a workplace. As a manager or supervisor, you want to strive for this kind of teamwork and work environment.

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What! Sensitively Training?

Recently I was searching for something to watch on Prime Video and came across the movie “Sensitively Training.” I thought it would be interesting since this is a pretty hot topic, and it is about a business/life coach and her reluctant client.

Serena (client) is a microbiologist, and she is excellent with bacteria but not so good with people. She had no filter; she said whatever she thought no holding back. After belittling a colleague in a staff meeting, and then the coworker committed suicide, Serena is mandated into sensitivity training with Caroline (coach). Caroline has a positive outlook of life, and she represents everything Serena dislikes, but Caroline is determined to help Serena. Caroline was at a crossroads in her coaching career. She wanted to coach on more than sexual harassment cases and make a difference in people’s lives. In the movie, the coaching/client relationship becomes unprofessionally blurred at times; however, Serena had positive behavioral results from the coaching process.

What is sensitively training?
It is a form of training, with the goal of making people more aware of their own goals as well as their prejudices, and more sensitive to others and to the dynamics of group interaction. 

What is workplace sensitivity training?
 It ensures that everyone in the workplace is respected and treated appropriately, regardless of who they are while learning to be respectful and consider the perspectives of others.

What is respectful workplace training?  It has a different approach, which isn’t about being broken and needing to be fixed. It allows you to be you, but with a different lens to look through.

What are some coaching and training topics for Workplace Sensitivity and Respectful Workplace?

  1. Anger Management
  2. Bullying
  3. Communication & Coaching for Leaders
  4. Managing Workplace Conflict
  5. Promoting Positive Personal Conduct
  6. Respectful Workplace and Communication
  7. Sexual Harassment

Serena had a wake-up call (Sensitivity Coaching and Training) that changed her personal and professional life forever. She was smiling, happy, and enjoying life for the first time. Serena had a friend, a pet (turtle), and a relationship with her half-brother. She was listening and engaging with her staff. As a team, they came up with a solution to a problem bacteria, for Serena sensitivity coaching and training was the best thing that had ever happened to her.

There are times throughout our careers; we may say something offensive to someone and not even realize it. It was unintentional; however, we learn from those mistakes and continue to grow as managers, supervisors, and leaders. Apologize when appropriate. Take time to listen, observe, and be open to other people’s points of view. Be coachable. Take training courses on new leadership strategies. Hire a coach to help you get through any challenges you are facing. Learn from your daily interactions and reflect on how to do better next time around. ~ Patti

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