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How Can We Show Up As Better Leaders?

A couple of weeks ago, a friend told me about her work situation and why she decided to give her notice. She brightens up people’s days with her friendly demeanor. She worked in the front lobby. Having a friendly employee as the first contact with your customers is crucial. Customers will continue to come if they feel welcome, the same for employees.

Why do good employees leave?

🦋 A shortage of appreciation, praise, acknowledgment, or recognition from management

🦋 The Manager only pointing out what went wrong

🦋 Lack of trust in employees

🦋 Bad communication – Not sharing important information or changes in company policies

🦋 Unsatisfied relationships with coworkers and/or management

🦋 Employee feeling unchallenged or bored with their work

🦋 The organization culture or the companies vision

🦋 Little growth and no promotional opportunities

🦋 Blatant employee favoritism

🦋 Lack of work-life balance, being over-worked, feeling over-stressed, and having no work boundaries (on duty 24/7)

How can we show up as a better leader and save good employees?

Build a trusting environment. Give opportunities for employees to learn new tasks and give them clear verbal instructions with written procedures. When a situation arises, be truthful. Come up with the right solution together. Acknowledge good work performance. Share policy changes in person and written form. Be open to answering employees’ questions. Care about the job and value staff.

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