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How Can We Show Up As Better Leaders?

A couple of weeks ago, a friend was telling me about her work situation and why she decided to give her notice. She brightens up people’s days with her friendly demeanor. She worked at the front desk. Having a friendly employee as the first contact with your customers is crucial. Customers will continue to come if they feel welcome, the same for employees.

Why do good employees leave?

A shortage of appreciation, praise, acknowledgement, or recognition from management

Manager only pointing out what went wrong

Lack of trust in employees

Bad communication – Not sharing important information or changes in company policies

Unsatisfied relationships with coworkers and/or management

Employee feeling unchallenged or bored with their work

The organization culture or the companies vision

Little growth and no promotional opportunities

Blatant employee favoritism

Lack of work-life balance, being over-worked, feeling over-stressed and having no work boundaries (on duty 24/7)

How can we show up as a better leader and save good employees?

Build a trusting environment. Give opportunities for employees to learn new tasks and give them clear verbal instructions with written procedures. When a situation arises be truthful. Come up with the right solution together. Acknowledge good work performance. Share policies changes in person and written form. Be open to answering employees’ questions. Care about the job and value staff.

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Podcast Episode 11 – Tips and Tricks When Working With Someone You Dont Like!

Angela and Patti share communication tips at work.  How to stay in a job and manage difficult relationships.  How to ask yourself the questions to determine how to manage your emotions.  

Podcast Episode 11 – Tips and Tricks When Working With Someone You Don’t Like!

What does this meme tell you?

Take a look at yourself.  
Is the relationship problem really you?  
What is it about this person that triggers you?  
Is it past behavior? Do they remind you of someone?  Do they remind you of something you dont like within yourself?

Angela: Is this a group issue or is it an issue just for you. Do others in workplace share your issue? This points to something missing in the group environment.

Use the PAUSE and REFLECT Technique
PAUSE for three to five seconds before responding.  This gives you time to change your response or dont respond at all.

What if you receive a nasty passive/aggressive email from your boss or coworker?  
Before responding back to the email.  Write out your response.  Dont send it!  Walk away for awhile.  Sleep on it, if you dont have to respond within the same day.  Then rewrite it when you have calmed down.  Have someone else read it that you trust to help tone it down before hitting the send button. 

What to consider:

Should I stay at my current employment or move on?

Make a list of “why to stay” and “why to go”.  Be upfront and honest. No holding back from the truth of the matter! Look at which column has the most reasons?  Make your decision from there.  Is there more good reason to stay?  Or reasons to leave.  

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Facebook Live Today – Have You Ever Worked With Someone You Dont Like?

Come check us out today on Facebook at the Building Better Relationships at Home and Work Facebook group page.

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Micro-Manage or Not to Mirco-Manage

Manager Yelling in the Phone

What is the definition of micro-management? It meansa management style of a manager who closely observes or controls the work of subordinates and/or manages with excessive control and/or attention to details. The manager has a lack of trust, isnever quite satisfied, enjoys finding errors in others work, wants to be in control of all the decision making.Micromanagement usually has a negative effect in the workplace.

This topic has a lot of different opinions and viewpoints. This is my personal viewpoint, there may be times as a Leader you will have to utilize some aspects of micro-managing with a staff member.

Possible reasons of when to use some aspects ofmicro-management in a positive way:

There are times when you need to review employees work flow, time management, work performances and when an employee is experiencing lack of motivation and focus with tasks or is just plain struggling with work performance. When this is occurring assist the employee through coaching, give additional training and feedback which may include an action plan to assist them with how to succeed.

The choice is up to the employee if they want to succeed by accepting the coaching, training, and action plan. The leader can provide the guidance and tools however it is truly up to the employee if they want to be open to success through listening, asking additional questions and be accountable for their career. The employee needs to take responsibility for their mistakes and correct them. By learning from those mistakes and doing it right the next time.

Possible situations for constructive feedback, review of performance, coaching tips and additional training:

  • A new employee
  • A new project or implementation of procedures
  • A high profile case
  • Highly confidential material or circumstance
  • An employee is making continual mistakes
  • An employee not understanding how to accomplish the task

When to prepare a corrective action plan including scheduled dates and times to meet with employee to review their work performance:

  • An employee is not meeting the minimum standards
  • An employee is not following policies and procedures
  • An employee is not following security and safety guidelines

A good leader knows when to use some elements of micro-managing and when not to micro-manage their employees. Employees who are knowledgeable, understand what is expected, accomplish their goals, have a good work ethic and do a good job should not be micro-managed. A good leader is part of the solution through open honest dialog with good suggestions on how the employee can improve their work performance and meet their goals.


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Quiz – Is Your Job Too Stressful?

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“What are the best times, days and topics for Coffee, Coaching and More Workshops?”

Coaching for Inspiration with Patti Coffee Cups

What is Coffee, Coaching & More with Patti?

These workshops are for the busy person who knows their dreams really matter. Coffee, Coaching and More Sessions bring you together with others in a fun, friendly and supportive environment with a different confidence-boosting topic each month.

Spend two hours focusing on you with no distractions, no pressure, and no judgement on different life topics.

Together we will look at situations which may be holding you back, limiting beliefs, procrastination, lack of time, low self-confidence, feeling overwhelmed and how to overcome these and live the life you really want.

The polls below are to inspire the perfect days, times and topics for great participation in future workshops.

What days and times would work best for you?

Which topics would you be interested in attending?

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A good LEADER create LEADERS in others!

Follow the Leader

What is a good leader? How does a good leader create leaders in others? Those are great questions to ponder.

What is a good leader to me?

A good leader listens even when they don’t agree and has the ability to explain their outlook and why. Has a talented way to give constructive feedback without deflatingthe employee. Hold others accountable for their actions and hold themselves accountable, as well.

The ability to communicate the strategic plan and goals for the future of the team. Motivate and encourage team members to obtain these goals with leadership and team building skills.

A good leader is trustworthy, honest, ethical, loyal, dedicated and dependable. They coach, mentor and respect their employees and want them to succeed within their organization. They are upfront about difficult uncomfortable situations and the subordinates are not guessing or assuming what they really meant. Theseare a few traits I believe makes a good leader.

How does a good leader create leaders in others?

A good leader meets with their employees one on one to discuss personal development. The supervisor and staff member create an action plan with goals and training courses. Through coaching, mentoring, a career development plan and leading with a proven successful manner, the employee will be on a career path of purpose. It is up to the individual to pursue their dreams and aspirations to be a good leader. Don’t underestimate the importance of having a good coach, leader or person in your life to assist you along the way. Having a good leader to follow is priceless. Just think, what possibilities could be in the workplace if everyone was a good leader. ~ Patti

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Quiz – Is Your Job Too Stressful?

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