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Lucky Penny Day

Today is National Lucky Penny Day it is observed each year on May 23rd.  The Lucky Penny tradition is when you are out and about, look on the ground for pennies.  When you see a penny, pick it up and all day long it will bring you good luck.

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How does your luck stand up? Do you consider yourself lucky in your life and your career?

Questions to Ask Yourself  to Measure Your Success:

  • Your Career Goals:
  • What are your career interests and aspirations?
  • What are you still working towards?
  • What have you accomplish?
  • Your Relationship Goals:
    What do you want in your relationships?
    Describe your ideal relationship?
    What is true friendship to you?
    What kind of people do you want to attract in your life?
  •    Your Health Goals:
    What are your lifestyle goals?
    What healthy habits do you want to develop?
    What habits do you want to eliminate?
    What does healthy mean to you?
  •   Your Financial goals:
    What are your financial goals?
    What are your debts versus your income?
    How much do you want saved for retirement?
    What adjustments will you make to accomplish your financial goals?

Call to Action:

What are you going to do to reach success?

How to Celebrate Lucky Penny Day:

Go for a walk and search for lucky pennies.

Take the whole family on a walk looking for lucky pennies and see who finds the most pennies.

At work, a team building exercise, have the team go for a walk together and search for lucky pennies, at the end of the walk have everyone share how many pennies they found.

Do you want more in your life than just your career?

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6 thoughts on “Lucky Penny Day

  1. Pennies always remind me of my dad. Just after he died I was out walking and there was an old penny on the ground, I felt that it was a message from him. Coins always make me think of him and remind me to stay positive.

    Thank you for this reminder.

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