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Day 11 of 30 day blogging challenge ~ Life is like Hiking a Mountain ~ Patti Oskvarek


Below is the audio version of “Life is like Hiking a Mountain” read by Patti Oskvarek

Life is like hiking a mountain. Sometimes you’re moving forward. Sometimes you’re moving backwards. Sometimes you side step. Sometimes the trail is rough and rocky. Sometimes the trail is just plain flat. Sometimes there are curves that strike you when you least expect it. Sometimes there is shifting sand. Sometimes you feel like you are going round in circles and just don’t know how to stop the detour. You may have lost your way and need a compass (a coach) to get you back on the right path. Other times you’re moving upward and everything is going good. Then there are times you are physically and emotionally exhausted and want to give up, but you continue to move forward because you see the peak in the distance. This gives you just enough inspiration to keep moving forward.

You may stumble over rocks (obstacles). You get bruised but you pick yourself up, brush yourself off and keep moving forward. There are times when you start sliding down the mountain but you continue to push upward. You finally reach the top (your goal). You look all around and down below. You see the beauty and realize it was worth all of your struggles through the rough rocky terrain. You cherish and savor this moment with a smile. You have clarity and recognize, it was worth the pain and sacrifice to get there. As you reflect on this journey you now know it was well worth every precious step.

Live, laugh, dream, and love to the fullest! – Patti Oskvarek

Below is a link on the ICF Phoenix website of a coaching clients’ success story describing how coaching has made a difference in the life of an individual. “Life is like Hiking a Mountain”.  ~ Patti Oskvarek

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