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Coaching Perspectives IV

Coaching for Perspectives IV

Coaching Perceptive IV Cover 2

Are you a coach?  Are you thinking about becoming a coach?  Or maybe you are thinking about hiring a coach?  This book creates insight on the coaching process.  The content in this book is authored by a variety of certified coaches with different backgrounds and coaching niches.

The topics covered in this book:

Creating a Coaching Culture, Your Office as Coaching Central, Client-Centered Coaching, Creating Your Personal Strategic Plan, Coaching for Leadership, Attention Deficit or Attention Different, Coaching Thru Mental Health Challenges, Coaching Parents with Teens, Benefits of Coaching All Generations, Career and Transition Coaching, Clap for Change, Three Secrets to Selecting a Coach, The Phenomenal Coach, and The Structured Discernment Process.

I wrote one of the chapters in this book called “Coaching for Leadership”. 

Here are the topics covered in my chapter:

  • Coaching Clients to Build Good Rapport
  • Coaching Clients to Practice and Participate in Active Listening
  • Coaching Clients Who Are Having Difficulty Moving Forward
  • Coaching Leaders on Time Management
  • Coaching Leaders to Journal
  • Coaching Leaders on Building Trust Relationships
  • Coaching for Passion to Spark Passion in Others
  • Coaching Clients to Give and Accept Honest Feedback
  • What is a Leader?
  • Boundaries for the Coaching Process
  • Coaching Good Boundaries as a Key to Successful Leadership
  • Examples of Appropriate and Inappropriate Boundaries
  • A Leadership Coach and an Excellent Leader have Similar Characteristics

To order a signed copy by me, click link below.

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