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Why it is hard to say “I love you?”

Recently my family and I found out that my Dad has terminal liver cancer.  He is in the final stages of his life.  My Uncle my Dad’s brother said to my Dad, “you are my hero and I love you.’”  My Uncle asked my Dad “Do you love me”?  My Dad said,  “You know I do”.  My Uncle said, “I would like to hear you say it to me once”.  My Dad looked at my Uncle and said I love you.  It was a very emotional moment.  My Dad is not one to use those words “I love you”.  I can count on my hands how many times my Dad has actually said those words to me his only child, however I know he loves me very much!  I remember a couple of years ago my Aunt my Dad’s sister called me crying with joy and said your Dad just told me he loved me.  It is the first time he ever told me that.  She said it meant so much to her.  Those words were powerful.  Take time to tell family you love them and that they have given you so much joy in your life.  Tell your friends how much you value their friendship.  Don’t have people wondering after you are gone.  Did he or she love me?  Don’t assume people know your feelings about them.  Would you really want love ones wondering or having to ask that question because they aren’t sure how you felt about them.  Life is supposed to be full of love not second guessing if someone cares about you.  Take the risk.  It is okay even if the person doesn’t say it back at least they know and never have to wonder.  Live your life to the fullest without regret. ~Patti


Q:  Do you think it is important to tell others you love them?

Q: Why do you think it is so hard for some to tell family or friends how much they love them or how much they mean to them? 

Q: Do you think it is important for others to know they mean a lot to you? 

Q: Who are you going to tell this week that you love them?

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