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Life Lesson #52

Yesterday a friend and I were talking and he shared a life lesson he learned from his father.  His Dad was a high school teacher and had keys to the school gym.  His father passed away recently.  As he was telling me this story I felt it was very inspirational and I asked him if I could share his life lesson on my blog with others.    He said yes and sent me an email in his own words about his life lesson #52.  I would like to share it in his own words.

Life lesson #52:

Growing up as a young boy, I always struggled with keeping weight on and thus was very thin and underweight. Well as a sophomore or junior in high school I discovered a weight room within the high school. One day after doing a workout I asked my dad “ why didn’t you introduce or tell me about this sooner?” My Dad turned and looked at me and responded “son this was here the whole time, it was something you had to really want from within for yourself…” As a young man, I truly didn’t understand what he was saying to me until later in life. I from time to time have to remind myself of this fable (among a few others) to make me reflect and relate to real life situations….(I miss my Dad so Much).


Many times in life we will have the keys right in front of us and just don’t realize it.

Questions:  What does life lesson #52 mean to you?    How many times in life have you had the keys in front of you and didn’t used them?

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