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Episode 27 – What! Why Sensitivity Training and Coaching? – Building Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela and Patti (Podcast)

In this episode, Angela and Patti discuss sensitivity towards others in the workplace and daily personal life.

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How did this topic come about?

We were talking about a blog post Patti wrote called “What! Sensitivity Training?” 

(Patti) The idea came from watching the movie “Sensitivity Training”.  It caught my eye because it was about a life/business coach and her reluctant client.

Questions for the Listeners:

  • Do you want an insensitive society?
  • Are you happy being complacent when people are being ignored, hurt or treated badly?

(Angela) Gentle movement has shown me that softness allows the compassionate part of us to expand, and that compassion is mostly (if not always) more often with yourself, after compassion with yourself, comes discovery, awe and other awarenesses about the gift of your body, the gift of life, the gift of breathing, the beauty of so much if you want to know more check out and sign up for the newsletter;


Reflect – Does it need to be said?

Will they listen to the feedback and take it to heart or will it cause more conflict and damage to the relationship? 

Do I need to end this relationship for my mental health? 

Sometimes you can’t totally end the relationship, but you can distance yourself and put up boundaries. I try to remember each person we interact with may be faced with some hard life challenges that are not discussed, and some are hurting so deeply with emotional wounds that have not been addressed and healed.

There are times throughout our lives and careers; we may say something offensive to someone and not even realize it. It was unintentional; however, we learn from those mistakes and continue to grow as a person, coworker, parent, child, sibling, spouse, manager, supervisor, and leader. Apologize when you should. Take time to listen, observe, and be open to other people’s points of view. Be coachable. Take personal development courses and read books.  Hire a coach to help you get through any challenges you are facing.  Learn from your daily interactions and reflect on how to do better next time around.

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