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The Benefits of Adult Coloring – Why Do It?

The Benefits of Adult Coloring – Why Do It?

I purchased my first Adult Coloring Book a few years ago. At this present time, I have a variety of coloring books, markers, and pencils. I have received coloring books as gifts, and I have given coloring books as gifts as well. I take coloring books on camping trips and weekend getaways. Coloring, for me, is a way to relax and let go.

On one camping trip, my friends and I spent hours coloring inside my camper while the rain came pouring down. We shared our life challenges and our life aspirations. It was a great way to reconnect with each other. We each had different coloring styles, which made each page unique and different.

Be gentle with yourself; you can’t fail at self-care. ~ Dr. Samantha, Naturopathic Physician

Benefits of Adult Coloring

  1. Coloring is considered therapeutic to reduce anxiety, relieve stress, and alters bad moods.
  2. Coloring is similar to meditating. It increases focus and shifts our thoughts to the present moment.
  3. Coloring applies both hemispheres of the brain, the right and left, simulating the brain responsible for creativity and logic. From what I have read, some physicians recommend coloring for their Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients.
  4. Coloring replaces negative thinking as a distraction.
  5. Coloring five minutes before bedtime has been reported to help some people sleep better because of its calming effects.
  6. Social group coloring evaluates relaxation and the joy of spending time with others.
  7. When coloring, we are unplugged from technology, which engages in self-care “me time.”
  8. Coloring creates boundaries by staying in the lines and evokes metaphorical boundaries in our personal lives.

There is even a National Coloring Day which is August 2nd. Adult coloring is good for the soul. How about taking a few minutes each day before going to bed to color and see if it changes your perspective on life. πŸ™‚ ~ Patti

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