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When facing struggles how can you beat those feelings of gloom and doom?

Recently I felt everything was falling down around me.  My Dad is terminally ill and my Mom is overwhelmed.  I was feeling stressed and had a lot on my plate at that time.  My parents live 3 ½ hours away so I have been making the drive to see them almost every weekend since my Dad was diagnose.  I was trying to stay calm, supportive and helpful to my Mom but internally I was sad and distressed for my Dad.  The holidays were here and it didn’t feel very merry for any of us but we were thankful for another holiday with my Dad.

How do you break this cycle of feelings?

That was the question I was asking myself?  Quit the pity party and start being your happy self again.  I had spent a lot of time with my parents.  I had read many books while I was there sitting with my Dad while he watched sports on T.V.  I spent time in self-reflection, pray and journaling.  Talking to a close friend who had been through the same experience a couple of years ago helped relieved some of the sadness I was experiencing.  Spending time regrouping and realizing you can only do so much.

We all face challenges and struggles at some point in our life time.  How we cope with those challenges and struggles is the key to overcoming the gloom and doom anxiety.  Letting go of what we can’t control is good for the soul.  The most important thing for me to remember is to enjoy every precious moment I still have with my Dad and forget everything else and especially to fill my life with Faith, Hope and Love throughout each and every day.  ~ Patti

Question:  What challenge or struggle are you holding onto and need to let go?

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