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Podcast Episode 14 – Being A Better Father In Today’s World!

In this podcast episode of Being A Better Father In Today’s World! Angela and Patti discussed the topic of how a Father can be understood, respected, welcomed, and supported while in isolation with the coronavirus situation.  Families being in isolation triggering a lot of uncomfortable feelings and stress.  

Click to listen to podcast – Being A Better Father In Today’s World!

The stressors:

Being out of work, isolated, stressed about money, people sad, angry, have no control, in fear of the unknown.  

What is a good father?  

They are sharing equally in household chores, helping with caring for the kids, and with their activities, reflecting respect and loving-kindness towards the wife/partner/the children’s mother by scheduling date nights and eating dinner with the family at least once a week. Kind and patience with your partner and children. Easy to talk too. They share their life experiences, leading by example, or what not to do and support their family in many ways.   

Angela references the Ted Talk – What Representing Men in Divorce Taught Me About Fatherhood | Marilyn York

Set up healthy family boundaries:

1. Set family guidelines of what is acceptable and what is not.

2. Awareness of what is happening and discussing it compassionately together with solutions.

3. Make a conscious decision to stop unacceptable behaviors, so everyone feels safe, loved and protected.

We would love your thoughts and comments:

“What does being a good father mean to you”?

Angela and I would like to thank you for listening and supporting this podcast.

If you have a topic or question, email us at, or on the Anchor app, you can leave a voice message.

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