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Virtual Hug and Prayer

I am sending virtual hugs to everyone who is reading this. 🤗

Thank you to all the medical field personnel for all you do, to the medical researchers, volunteers, and healers. To the people that go to work and risk their lives every day, to the Correctional Officers and Public Servants. You know who you are. Thank you!

Dear Lord,
Please wrap your love around the world during this coronavirus epidemic. Bring us a miracle to heal the sick, stop the virus from spreading and destroy it.

Please share your prayers of hope! Patti 🦋

4 thoughts on “Virtual Hug and Prayer

  1. I received this prayer from a follower named Lynn. She asked me to post it with this message below.
    (We have to remember, no matter how you may or may not feel about the President, we have to pray for him and the people that make decisions for the United States of America (our Country).

    Lynn’s Prayer:
    Dear Heavenly Father, We pray for President Trump, his Advisors, and for his Cabinet, that you will give them “WISDOM” for what they are to do and you will give them your “divine help”,
    O’Lord bring us up out of this stronger than ever, we’re asking this in the Name of Jesus and We’re asking you to “STOP” this “Plague” IMMEDIATELY. We’re asking you to give the
    “Medical Scientists” the answer to this problem and we’re asking it in Jesus Name – Amen!.

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