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“One Life – Live it!”

Recently I was driving my truck on the way to go shopping and I saw this jeep with a wheel cover which stated, “One Life – Live it!” The music playing in my truck at the time was a Bob Seger’s song called “Against the Wind” with the lyrics “I guess I lost my way”. I started self-reflecting; yes, there are times in our lives when we do lose our way and yes, those experiences should have taught us some life changing lessons and hopefully for the better.

All of us at some point in life look back at all the choices we made and think “What if…….I decided to go along this other path instead of the path I walked”? Would it really have been a better direction for me? I think we meet the people we are suppose to meet and be where we are suppose to be on this wonderful journey called “One Life – Live it!” What do you think? ~ Patti

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