Being proactive instead of reactive

A couple of weeks ago a situation happened which I received an email from someone.  This email was very rude and unprofessional towards me personally.  Instead of taking my own advice and being proactive by journaling or stepping away to reflect on how to respond or not respond.  I immediately replied and was reactive.  We all fall short at times and of course I was upset with myself later.   Reflecting back I could have typed out an email response, not sent it, walked away and then came back and rewrite my response in a different manner.

When we fall short, it makes us realize we still have so much more to learn and experience in life regarding our interaction with others.  We fall down and pick ourselves back up and we learn from those short comings.  Through this experience I realized walking away and regrouping my thoughts would have been a better solution.

Journaling, self-reflection, praying, meditation or going for a quick walk is very good for the spirit and gives us a new perspective.  I am still learning and practicing these techniques daily.  Life is full of self discovery and sometimes those breakthroughs are not always pleasant, however we become better through those experiences in the end. – Patti

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2 thoughts on “Being proactive instead of reactive

  1. I agree, we need to pause things for a moment before we react. I write about becoming your own best leader at Let me know your thoughts.

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