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Peace and Love

What do people really want in life?  Others have expressed all they really want in their life is peace and love. How do you find peace and love in your life?  I believe before you can have peace, joy and love in your life. You should reflect peace and love within yourself.

How do you reflect peace?   By realizing, yes, you have made some mistakes and those mistakes sometimes follow you. Everyone makes mistakes and it is time to let go of that baggage which loads you down and forgive yourself. Once you learn to love and respect yourself your heart will open to receive love from others.  You will begin to treat others with love and kindness. The love and kindness will bring peace and calmness into your life as well as those around you.

To stop those negative thoughts about yourself. Begin by writing down all your good qualities. Anytime you start to feel the self-doubt or negative thoughts. Reflect on those words you written and read them.  Perform this exercise to open your heart to receive love and peace within.

Live, laugh, dream, and love to the fullest! – Patti Oskvarek

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