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What is a gift to me? by Patti Oskvarek


A gift to me is not always a tangible thing.  A gift is having true friends that love you no matter what you did in the past.  A gift is finding an old friend you haven’t been in contact with for many years and it is like you never lost contact.  A gift is having a friend to share your hopes and dreams.  A gift is laughing with a loved one or a dear friend.  A gift is having a pet that loves you unconditionally and is there for you when you get home from a rough day at work and is so happy to see you.  A gift is finding your true love.  A gift is walking on the beach with a special loved one hand in hand.   A gift is watching the sunset or sunrise with that special someone.  A gift is looking up at the stars or the moon and seeing God’s creation and smiling at the awesome beauty.  A gift is sitting by a lake or stream with a peaceful easy feeling.

A gift is having children and watching them grow up into responsible adults.  A gift is seeing that look on someone’s face and knowing they need a hug and reaching out to hug them.  A gift is a smile when someone truly needs to see that smile and smiles back.    A gift is giving a salute or thank you to a Veteran who serviced our country to give us freedom to enjoy this wonderful land.   A gift is being there when a love one takes their last breath.   A gift is having faith that the Lord will get you through that tragedy or circumstance that you just don’t think you have the strength to handle.

A gift is saying encouraging words to a love one, friend or co-worker when it is desperately needed instead of tearing them down.  A gift is taking your son or daughter to lunch as a just because. A gift is being able to love someone unconditionally when they have failed to live up to your expectations.  A gift is reminiscing about that funny or embarrassing moment with friends or family and laughing so hard you’re crying.  Those are true gifts to me.

The little things are gifts.  Gifts don’t have to be that big diamond ring, a big fancy house, an expensive car in the driveway or a dozen red roses for every special occasion.  The most precious gift you can give someone is your love and quality time.

My wish for all of you is to find that special gift and give it to that special someone this holiday season.  Just think if we all took the time to realize and appreciate those special gifts in our lives we could change our lives and the world we live in. – Patti


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