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Preparing for the New Year and reflecting on 2013

Preparing for the New Year and reflecting on 2013

The New Year is upon us.  WOW! 2013 has gone by fast.  Now let’s look back on 2013.

Did you accomplish your goals?

If not?

Did you accomplish at least one of your goals?

If you did that is wonderful!

If you didn’t what was the reason?

Why are goals so important?  I believe goals are very important to help people feel alive and not just going through the motions.  Once you have reached a goal you feel excited and happy that you did it!  Celebrating is an important aspect after you achieved the goal.  Did you celebrate?  If you didn’t, now is the time to start.

I believe people who don’t have goals become complacent and unhappy with their lives.  Sometimes they become negative and mean to others.  They are so unhappy and try to make everyone around them feel miserable as well.  People without goals have nothing to look forward to in life.

With the New Year upon us it is time to sit down and write down some goals.

What are your goals for 2014?

Your goals don’t have to be big.  Just start with some little goals to accomplish for next year.  Once you have accomplished one goal work on the next.  Make sure you do something to celebrate after you have achieved each goal.  To celebrate it doesn’t have to be something fancy.  It could be buying yourself your favorite cup of coffee or tea or going out to lunch with a friend.   Whatever feels special to you?

My wish for you in 2014 is to live, laugh, dream, and love to the fullest!