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Jump-Start the New Year with a positive GOAL to accomplish!

Think about and strategize on pursuing the goal.

Write or type your goal onto a calendar, a to-do list, a vision board, a white board, screen saver and journal to continually to reflect on it.

Intentionally devote time and energy towards accomplishing it.

Ask yourself what do I need to do to accomplish this goal?

What steps am I going to take to make this a reality?

What is my plan of action to start?

Do I need more education or training?

How am I going to stay focused and what steps I am going to take to achieve this?

Do I need a coach for accountability to attain this goal?

What is my target date to accomplish this?

By starting the year with a goal to reach, this inspires a sense of purpose in your life.  When you achieve it you feel a sense of happiness and joy! – Patti


Question: What steps are you going to take to guarantee you will accomplish your goal this year?

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