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Forest Bathing – Why Spend Time in Nature?

I enjoy being out in nature or just plain outside. Whether it is a few moments outdoors on my patio drinking coffee, a hike in the mountains or camping lakeside taking time outdoors seems to rejuvenate me. So I am not surprised that others feel the same way.

Spending Time in Nature! Photo by Patti Oskvarek

There is a new craze called Forest Bathing (a Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku) which means spending time in nature and using all your senses. There is scientific research on this concept of Forest Bathing. According to the research being in nature restores our mood, refreshes and rejuvenates us. It can lower blood pressure and decrease stress levels. When you are feeling overwhelmed, go outside, take a brief walk alone and see if this uplifts your spirit.

Spending Time in Nature! Photo by Patti Oskvarek

This weekend my husband and I went to a cabin in the woods. It was lightly raining and the smell of the trees was so refreshing. After the rain stopped we went for a walk to the nearby creek. The sounds of the rushing the water and the birds in the trees was very relaxing.

Me in the trees.

How to Forest Bath:

Go outdoors and find some trees or a large garden area with a variety of plants and trees.

Turn off your phone.

Walk slowly and quietly within the area.

Breathe in the smells.

Listen to the nature sounds.

Look around at your surroundings.

Ask yourself “What am I noticing?”

Enjoy those moments of peace and calm.

Places to go in Arizona for Forest Bathing:

Boyce Thompson

The Arboretum At Flagstaff

Payson Arizona

Mountain Lemmon

Show Low Arizona

Cochise County Arizona

Take Away:

Being in nature is soothing, especially when having a chaotic day. Making some time to go outdoors and get fresh air and a little bit of sunshine can uplift our spirit and decrease anxiety.

How about trying it today?

What did you notice?

Did you find this helpful?  If so, please share this blog post with others!  Comments are always welcome.  You may use your initials or anonymous for your name, if this makes you feel more comfortable to comment.     Thank you.

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It’s a New Year! Time for Reflection, Gratitude and Letting Go

It is a New Year!

Time for reflection, gratitude, and letting go (forgiveness). As a Life Coach, I discuss a variety of topics that many people push under the carpet. Sometimes these subjects are uncomfortable. They are even awkward to me at times, but awareness and having strategies to cope is important to move on, let go and live a happy life.

Journaling and reflecting on the past year gets us geared up for whatever 2019 brings our way.

Here are some journaling and reflections prompts to get you started.

Reflection:Looking back at 2018

  • How was 2018?
  • What were some of the changes that occurred in your life?
  • What is a major lesson that you learned from your job in 2018?
  • What will you do differently in 2019?

Having gratitude reduces the feelings of envy, produces happy memories, lets us experience good feelings and helps with reducing stress.

Gratitude:Looking back at 2018

  • What was your biggest accomplishment in your personal life in 2018?
  • What was your biggest accomplishment in your work life in 2018?
  • What was one thing you’ve learned in 2018 that you’re thankful for?
  • What was one aspect about your health that youre more grateful for?

Letting Go and Forgiveness: Looking back on 2018

One of my latest blog post I discussed Damaged Relationshipsand suggestions on how to halt unkind words. Forgiveness is also part of the healing process.

In the past year, I have been seeing, reading and hearing about the Hawaiian Forgiveness Prayer calledHo’oponopono. From what I have read the forgiveness prayer can be said in any order. Repeating the prayer assist with moving forward toward forgiveness.

Ho’oponopono – Hawaiian Prayer of Forgiveness – Asking for forgiveness!

I’m sorry

Please forgive me

I love you

Thank you


Ho’oponopono – Hawaiian Prayer of Forgiveness – Forgiving Someone!

I’m sorry

I forgive you

I thank you

I love you


What am I grateful for? I am truly thankful for my family, friends, and followers who support me with my coaching business. I hope the journaling prompts and the Forgiveness Prayer help you in your life’s journey in 2019. ~ Patti

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On the EDGE

On the EDGE

Are you on the edge looking down the cliff of disaster? Is there something you are doing or feeling that is not right for you which mayhurt you or others and you need to stop? Are you in a dead end job and you just can’t take it anymore and you are doing nothing to change your situation? Are you hanging out with people who are dragging you down instead of encouraging you to pursue your goals and aspirations? Do you constantly complain to friends and family about your situation but don’t take any steps to change it?

Why do we do these things to ourselves instead of stopping and self-reflecting “What is making me so unhappy” and staying in these conditions?

Do you think it is time to look at what is making you miserable and fix it?

Change the situation and make life better.

What is holding you back and you need to get rid of?

How will you change this situation?

Life is so much better if you shift your mindset.

What about hiringa coach to assist you in figuring out what is dragging you down and get you off the edge of that cliff. Isn’t it time to start looking up at the sky with meaning, purpose and happiness?

Having someone support, encourage and hold you accountable is the first step to change. What are you waiting for? ~ Patti


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