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Arizona Hiking

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year with the cooler temperatures.  Cooler weather for me means it is hiking season.  Hiking is a great way to relieve stress.  I enjoy hiking in Arizona because it is so diverse in vegetation and elevations.  You can hike throughout the year depending on where you go within the state.  Let me tell you a little bit about hiking and the benefits of getting outdoors in nature.

Hiking on 2-18-13 with Patrick 043

Hiking Etiquette:

  1.  Follow and stay on the trails.  The paths are designed to preserve the natural vegetation, keep the area beautiful and for hikers to know their way.
  2. Keep to the right on the path so other hikers can pass.
  3. Pass on the left and announce yourself with “hello”.  When passing stay on the path.  Bikers yield to Hikers.  Hikers and Bikers yield to Horses.  When in a hiking group hike single file.
  4.  Hikers going uphill are given the right away over hikers going downhill.
  5. Pack in and pack out.  Carry your litter out.  Bring a plastic bag to carry your litter inside your back pack.

What to take on a day hike:

  1. Back pack
  2. Bring plenty of bottle water or hydration pack filled with water
  3. Small first-aid kit
  4. Small bottle of sun screen
  5. Small packages of snacks and lunch items
  6. Thin lite weight Pancho in case it rains
  7. A charged cell phone and a compass.  Most smart phones have a compass.
  8. Small flashlight and extra batteries
  9. Small survival knife
  10. Small hand sanitizer
  11.  Matches or lighter
  12. Map of the trail

What to wear:

  1.  Hiking boots
  2. Thick socks
  3. Layered clothes depending on the weather and climate changes
  4. Sun glasses
  5. Hat

Plan your hiking route ahead of time and always tell someone else, where you are going in case of a emergency.  It is a good idea to hike with a partner for safety reasons.

Small Steps

Here is a list of some of my favorite places for a day hike:

Hiking at Butcher Jones 11-12 013

The benefits of taking a hike:

Hiking gets your blood pumping, the body moving and being outdoors with nature has a calming influence on the mind and spirit.

Take away:

Hiking outdoors has lots of benefits.  Beautiful locations, the sceneries, fresh air, wildlife, birds chirping, and water rushing.  It is relaxing and calms the soul.  Gives you time to enjoy what is around you and forget about everything else.  On each trail, path and hike you see the beauty and feel at peace.  In today’s world we all need to see the beauty around us, have some calm peaceful moments and spend more time appreciating nature as well as each other.  Just think, what a difference life would be if we each took a little more time enjoying what wonders are around us and go for a hike!

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The 30 days GOAL challenge

Small Steps


Last month I put out a 30 days goal challenge in my blog post dated 11/26/15 GOALS.  In the 30 days goal challenge I talked about setting one goal and take a small step daily towards making it a reality.

If you participated in the 30 days challenge.

  • What did you accomplish by taking one small step a day towards your goal?
  • Were you successful?
  • How did it feel to get those little tasks completed?
  • Are you going to set another action plan for the next 30 days?

If so, create a new action plan and take small steps each day to work towards the goal.  If you didn’t partake last month, why not start today and see what happens.  It would be great to see responses on what everyone accomplished whether it was the last 30 days, in the next 30 days or both.

Last month I worked on getting some small tasks completed that I had been putting off.  It was a great feeling to get them completed and not to think about having to do them anymore. 🙂

To grow in life and be successful you need a purpose.  Goals assist you to achieve what you want in life.  They give you a road map towards finding confidence and obtaining your aspirations and dreams.   My wish for you is to be inspired on continually working towards achieving your goals and purpose in life; one step at a time.~ Patti

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Coaching sessions can be conducted in various methods.

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Keeping love ALIVE

One morning I was on my way to work and I saw this young couple sitting together waiting for the bus.  I could just see the love radiating between the two of them. They were looking at some photos on her cell phone. It was just so beautiful seeing the two of them and just seeing the smiles on their face and the way that they sat together. The way that they looked at each other young love.

How do you keep that love alive in a long time relationship such as 5, 10, 20, 25, and 50 years?

What are the secret steps to keep it at that level so every time you are with this person you both still feel close to the same way that you felt at the beginning of your relationship?

Here are some example of possible ways:

  • Schedule once a week to go out to dinner or a date night.
  • Write a small text or email saying something nice or why you love your partner.
  • Say “I love you” at least everyday to your partner.
  • Do something small and nice for partner.
  • Watch a TV show once a week that you both like together.
  • Go for a walk together.
  • Eat dinner together and really listen to each other.
  • Reminiscence about the good times.
  •  Talk nice to each other.

What steps do you take to keep the love alive?

What steps will you take to keep the love alive?

It would be wonderful to see your thoughts, comments., suggestions on what you do to keep the love alive 🙂  ~ Patti

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International Coaching Federation (ICF) Phoenix Chapter – Coaching Capsules Success Stories

Here is an article on the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Phoenix Chapter website – Coaching Capsules Success Stories.  As coaches, we’re focused on the success of others. Below is a coaching clients’ success story describing how coaching has made a difference in the life of an individual. These stories all stand as testimonials to the power of coaching and help bring awareness to the profession.  Click on the link below to view one of my client’s story. Life is like hiking a mountain.  ~ Patti

Scroll down and click on the Prezi presentation. 🙂