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Episode 79 How YOU can get Miracles in your Relationships

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In this month’s podcast episode, Building Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela and Patti, podcast co-host Angela Ambrosia shares how miracles have happened in her life and relationships and how she has studied the science of miracles through working on the power of our thoughts and how we talk to the powers that support us and which some people call god, the divine, grace and others may call the universe.

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For Angela, this is actually the power of our words. How can we control the words we use and send out into the world to transform our way of relating to physical matter, the people around us, and our own consciousness to manifest and allow miracles into our lives?

More recently, Angela has had a miracle of Soma in her life, which is blessed sacred water manifesting in her home altar and also manifesting in special events happening globally. One is happening in her hometown, Sydney, Australia, on Dec 1, 2023, Perth, Australia, Dec 3, 2023, and Melbourne, Australia, Dec 8, 2023.

Angela recovered from an aggressive cancer in 2019 and was struck with a rare autoimmune disease, and she was unable to walk again in 2022; however, now she is fully recovered and teaching again.

How does she explain the miracles that have saved her life and given her renewed life and the ability to live in causeless ease and joy with herself and her relationships?

Angela shares the following:

*Her insight into the possibility of miracles for all of us.

*What is grace to Angela?

*How do we recognize grace in our lives?

*How can people listening can get miracles at home and work?

*What is Soma?

*How is it possible that Soma is manifesting in people’s homes globally now?

*What is a phenomenon? 

*How does believing in Miracles Build Better Relationships? 

To learn more about Angela’s Dance for Joy Event or workshops

Find events to experience Soma and Miracles in the USA

Find events to experience Soma and Miracles in Australia:

Dec 1st Sydney Australia Soma Event

Dec 3rd Perth Australia Soma Event

Dec 8th Melbourne Australia Soma Event

You can email if you have questions.

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