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Exploring Active Listening as a Manager and Supervisor from Chaos to Calm

In this podcast episode, we explore active listening as a manager and supervisor.

Click to listen to Episode 26 – Exploring Active Listening as a Manager and Supervisor from Chaos to Calm.

Hi, Managers and Supervisors

How’s it going?

As a manager and supervisor, sometimes in our work-life moments, we want to be left alone and don’t want to listen to others at work, yet the other person needs to be heard and understood. We may be tired, exhausted, have deadlines, and want to avoid dealing with one more interruption or problem.

Let’s explore active listening techniques as a way of helping to improve leadership skills. As a manager or supervisor, active listening helps build a healthy working relationship with your boss, co-workers, employees, clients, and customers. Becoming deeply aware of and working on the skill of listening may enhance communication with others in the workplace and your personal life. 

Active listening encourages and allows others to speak and convey their wants, objectives, and concerns. Listening and building positive work relationships with employees and others demonstrates engagement and is the core of solid leadership skills.

Active Listening Techniques to Explore:

*Be silent when others are speaking

*Keep an open mind

*Be aware of your body language

*Watch the other person’s body language

*Listen for keywords to understand

*Ask short, direct questions to understand

*Paraphrase what was said and ask if you understood correctly

The intention is to build trust and understanding by listening deeply so your employees open up and discuss their wants, needs, suggestions, and challenges so they can resolve them in the workplace.

What else could you do at work to listen more intently?

How do you feel when people listen to understand?

How does it help the work environment when everyone feels heard?

Practice stopping thinking about what you will say next and be in the moment of listening. You miss connecting with others and learning new things when you are too busy interrupting and expressing your opinion. Active listening is a great way to work on improving relationships. Making these small changes may enhance your relationship with others. Give it a try, and let me know how it went. 

Today’s podcast Affirmation

I am an active listener!

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