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Exploring Reversing Rude Behavior in Meetings from Chaos to Calm

In this podcast episode we explore reversing rude behaviors in meetings.

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Have you ever been in a meeting where at least one person or all attendees have nothing positive to say about anything?

As Managers or Supervisors, having efficient and effective meetings is crucial to running a successful business. Group meetings that aren’t productive waste valuable time and cost the company money.

Let’s explore what may be considered rude behaviors in meetings.

  • Interrupting the person speaking
  • Not listening, acting bored, or lack of engagement
  • Being disrespectful to the speaker
  • Two people are talking privately among themselves while someone else is speaking
  • People are just plain hostile to each other
  • Arguing over whose point is right
  • Overtalking each other
  • Sarcastic mean comments to the speaker or each other
  • Being very judgmental of each other
  • Participants take everything that is said very personally due to the hostile interaction
  • Embarrassing the host or leader with malicious remarks

I have been in group meetings where all of these actions have happened, been the target, and participated in some disrespectful behaviors. I am not proud of how I acted; I was discourteous and unprofessional sometimes, but it was acceptable to voice your opinion. Was this behavior a way to conquer and get what was needed? Not really. Did anything get resolved? Most of the time, nothing got accomplished.

What happened to common courtesy, collaboration, and respectfulness towards each other?

How can we change the behavior in meetings? 

It takes one person at a time, starting with Managers and Supervisors, to lead by example and reverse this unprofessional behavior.

Here are some tips:

  • Set up rules of conduct for the meeting(s). Go over them at the beginning of each session as a reminder. Have the code of conduct on the agenda template. As time passes with the same group of attendees, the code of conduct will only need addressing if a new person attends the meeting and reads the code of conduct at the beginning.
  • When someone says something negative, turn to them and say something positive about the topic or person.
  • When someone intentionally breaks meeting etiquette, politely remind them or refer to the code of conduct.
  • As the manager or supervisor, focus on following the code of conduct, leading by example, and positive meeting etiquette will become achievable by all participants.
  • Redirect the “off-topic” discussions for later.

A set code of conduct and behavior etiquette is essential to successful meetings. Being courteous and respectful allows everyone to speak, be heard, participate, and engage, which is when great results will happen. Be organized and prepared. As Managers and Supervisors, we lead by example; if we are focused and engaged, our employees will be too.

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