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Q&A 1 Bonus Podcast Episode Exploring Life and Work with Patti

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Hi, Managers and Supervisors
How’s it going?

In this bonus Question and Answer podcast episode, I wanted to answer these questions a listener asked me.

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Why do you ask questions and sometimes not give tips or solutions to the discussed topics?

This podcast is for Managers and Supervisors to self-reflect and explore within themselves on topics I discuss and to come up with solutions they already know the answer to and for self-awareness of themselves as leaders and become better people at work and home. 

Why are the podcast episodes 5 -6 minutes?

The podcast episodes are 5 – 6 minutes because the audience I serve works longer hours and only has a few moments to listen. 

As a leadership and work-life balance coach, I am committed to helping managers, supervisors, and others become better leaders and live a more purposeful, balanced life outside of work. I do this for the listeners to explore themselves, situations, and topics that happen as a Manager and Supervisor that they may not be able to discuss with others or how they behave can affect their teams and family.

I talk about topics people are scared to discuss but want help with. Years ago, it was acceptable, but it is not now. I’ve had listeners comment that when they have listened to some of the topics I discussed, they lived it, and that is why they left the corporate environment and went out on their own. 

Thank you for the questions and for letting me clarify the format of these podcast episodes and why coaching helps others open up awareness and discussion of complex topics.  

Until next time when we meet again!

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