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Episode 64 – Exploring a Better Balance with Men and Women’s Relationships at Work and in Business


To listen to podcast episode, Episode 64 – Exploring a Better Balance with Men and Women’s Relationships at Work and in Business.

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In this podcast episode, Angela and Patti have a conversation about women and men in the workplace and more.  

(Patti) Angela, I recently saw an Instagram Reel of a young lady from Alabama who was looking for a place to do her eyelash business, and because she was a woman she was having a hard time getting a place even though her business was successful and had the money to make the rent.  She even had a male friend call and the landlords were going to rent to him but not to her.  This was shocking to me because I thought those days were gone. The link

(Patti) Do men make more money in the same position as women? YES or NO
To participate. or on Spotify.

(Angela) The Gig Economy is where everyone is moving away from full-time or part-time work to casual on-call work, as an Uber driver to an Online Entrepreneur to offering services in exchange for a fixed fee – like a coach or trainer, or other service providers.
And women have jumped on this for thousands of years before what we have now as a way to provide for their families while also cooking, housekeeping, and raising their young families. The modern gig economy is also increasing the demand for work-life balance so women and men can have time to be with their families and not work full-time hours.

How can women change their mindset to feel comfortable asking for what they are worth?

  1. Practice in the mirror asking for what you want at work.
  2. Write a script and memorize it so the words come out easy and confident.
  3. Say powerful daily affirmations for confidence and getting what you want.
  4. Get a mentor or coach to work with you on strategies to get what you want.

How can we have a better balance in the workplace between men and women whether it is pay, top management, or respecting each other?   We would love to hear your comments and feedback on this question.

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