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Episode 61 – Twin Flame is it a Myth or Reality

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In this episode, Angela and Patti will discuss whether Twin Flame is a myth or the real deal.

This topic came about when someone asked Patti about twin flame. Patti didn’t know much about twin flame, so Patti asked Angela if she knew about the twin flame concept. Angela does and suggested we do a podcast episode on this topic.

Does the twin flame concept give the appearance of Fear of Missing Out? “Everyone else has this ideal relationship but I don’t”.

Constant Craving – remember KD Lang?

Angela – Remember the Diary of Bridget Jones Movies? 

1. Why do you want to have this powerful intimate connection?

2. If you want a life-long powerful intimate connection – what are you excited about sharing with someone over a life-time?  A life-long connection requires a different way of thinking about love – like being there for when this person goes through sickness, grief and even death.

3. What do you want to experience in being a witness to someone else’s life and journey?

4. If this person that you think is your twin flame does not stay in your life – why do you still want them to be in your life? What is it that you deeply want from a physical relationship with a partner?

Angela – In that film – I’m not spoiling it – but Susan Sarandon’s character says that she sees her role as a partner to be a witness to her husband and him to do that for her. For Angela is the greatest gift you can have with anybody – to witness their life and share in that person’s journey. Couples I see deeply bonded without labeling themselves as twin flames have discovered complete freedom in their relationship because they no longer look for their partner to fulfill some concept of love. – Instead, they sincerely appreciate the gift of being able to witness someone’s life and be part of their journey. The movie Shall we Dance does a great job of sharing that.

What soul group do you think is Angela and Patti?

Thank you, Angela, for sharing your expertise, in-depth explanation and opinion of twin flame and soulmates with the listeners and me.

We would love to hear about your perception, belief and experience with twin flame relationships.

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