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The Mishaps of the Missing Package

Where do I begin!  I guess at the beginning.  A month ago I ordered a bottle of essential oils.  I was so excited.  The vendor makes the oils herself.  Two weeks go by and no package.  I contacted the seller and she said, you should have gotten it last week.  Let me check into it.

She contacted me back and said the mail delivery company told her they had already delivered it.  She would file a claim for the missing package.  I verified my address with her.

I had my husband politely ask our neighbor, if by chance they may have seen the package delivered.  They had not.

The seller put together another package and added a few extra gifts. Then she sent it through a competitor of the first mail delivery company.  She gave me the tracking number so I could track the package.

Every few hours for a couple of days I would check the tracking of the parcel.  Then it said it was delivered but I had no delivery.  At 12:15 pm it was supposedly delivered and I checked at 12:20 pm. On the website I contacted the package delivery company through IM.  

The IM said check around your house and your neighbors.  I went around my house and my close neighbors but there was no package.  I looked in my backyard, no parcel.  I was getting upset, how could this be? I was home and no truck pulled up.

So I called the package delivery company.  The customer service agent said it was delivered.  I said where was it delivered?  I gave him my address and he said that is not the house number we have for delivery.  I said, “what is the house number you have”?  He stated, “I can’t give that information to you”.  I questioned, “why it is my package”.  I replied, “I want the driver to go pick up the package and deliver it to me”.  I gave him my phone number. 

Hours go by and then I get a call from another customer service representative and they tell me the sender has to file a complaint and pay $12.00 for them to pick up the package from where it was delivered.  The address they delivered to was the address they were given.  I said, “what address was that”!  This time he gave it to me.  I said, “well I’m going over there to get my package”.  He said, “no the sender has to file for a missing package and pay $12.00”.  I was silent.  I couldn’t believe this. 

After he finished his spill I hung up the phone put on my flip flops grabbed my purse and started walking down the street looking for this house number where my package was delivered.

Now, I was a sight to be seen.  I had on a baggy T-Shirt, sweat pants, flip flops, my hair was wild and I was on a mission to get my stuff back.

Usually, I would follow protocols but I didn’t want the sender to go through all that and have to pay $12.00.  So I was off and spitting fire.  After following the numbers I found the house.  My package was sitting there.  I rang the door bell twice.  No answer.  I waited and waited.  Finally, I grabbed my parcel and left.  I hadn’t ever done something so bold before.  I really wanted them to answer the door so I could explain and ask if they received my other package.  Maybe it is a good thing they didn’t answer who knows what may have happen. So I walked home feeling scared and relieved at the same time.

During the time I spoke to each customer service agent, I had PM the seller.  I felt really bad that this was happening and I was over the top upset.  I didn’t want her to have to put any more time, money and energy into this.

When I got home I took a picture of the package with the label.  Then opened the parcel.  She had sent me more than what I ordered.  It was absolutely wonderful. 

What did I learn from this mishap?  

Sometimes you have to be bold to get what you deserve. I appreciate the customer service representative giving me the delivery address to resolve this situation. Lastly, I ’m very thankful to have received such a wonderful generous package from the seller. 🦋 ~ Patti

Have you ever had a missing package? If so, how did you handle it? What was the outcome?

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