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Don’t Be That (Guy) Person!

Lately, I have been hearing this phrase when people are talking about their coworkers.

Don’t be that guy! 

Employers and staff may use this term when someone has committed bad behavior or done something procedurally wrong.  In some organizations they use this term “Don’t be that (Guy) Person” for humiliation or an example of what not to do. The poster child of what not to be in the workplace.

Is shaming an affective management strategy? 

Some say yes, because it represents what not to do in the workplace and halts people from doing it.

How does the “Don’t be that Person” cope with being the scapegoat?

Some quit, some stay and deal with the whispering behind their backs and the harsh judgement while others totally checkout (isolate themselves).

Maybe some organizations want this type of shaming to keep things under control.  If so, something is definitely wrong.  Someone once told me you live in a fantasy world if you think this type of management strategy will change. 

What do you think?

Comments are welcome. What are your thoughts on this topic?

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